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4 Stone Buildings – 12 months – October 2024

Job Reference barcouncil/TP/1099/307

The job has expired.

Number of Pupillages Available:
Pupillage Type:
12 month pupillage
Pupillage details:
Pupillage Award:
75000 per annum
Closing Date:
South Eastern (London)
Authorised Education and Training Organisation:
4 Stone Buildings

About AETO and Structure of Pupillage

4 Stone Buildings is a leading litigation set, specialising in complex and high value disputes, often with an international element. We focus on specialist commercial areas, in particular banking, company and insolvency, commercial fraud and financial services law in court and international arbitration. We are active in many offshore markets including the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

As a set, we are flexible and dynamic. With a long and successful history, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to and drive change in the commercial world around us. We are at the forefront of legal developments in our specialist fields.  So, for example, many of our members are involved in the FinTech and cryptoassets sector. Members are regularly instructed in the leading cases in our practice areas, appearing often in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. The legal directories consistently rank us as one of the top sets at the Bar in our core areas. 

Members hold significant positions within the legal world. We have the Chair of the Charity Commission, the Treasurer of Lincoln’s Inn, the Attorney General to HRH the Prince of Wales and two Judges in the Courts of Appeal of Jersey and Guernsey. Recent former members include two High Court Judges and a Judge of the Insolvency and Companies Court.

In addition to being academically accomplished and leaders in their profession, our barristers also have a wide variety of outside interests - which we strongly support.  These range from volunteering in the charity sector to music and sport. One of our barristers is a Women’s British Triathlon Age Group Champion.

As regards pupillage, we have both the work and accommodation for new members.  Our policy is to have up to two pupils each year and to recruit those pupils who meet the required standard.  We believe that pupils are in Chambers to learn rather than to be tested and should be given the best opportunity to demonstrate to us that they should be retained as tenants.  Showing this commitment to expanding by recruitment from the bottom of Chambers, we have taken on six new tenants from among our pupils in the last four years.  What we look for in a pupillage applicant is good academic achievement or aptitude, ideally demonstrated by a first class or good second class degree (but not necessarily in law). However, mere intellectual ability is only part of it: a successful candidate must have the confidence and ambition to succeed, the common sense to recognise the practical advice a client really needs, and an ability to get on well with clients, solicitors and other members of Chambers and the clerks.  

We aim to give all our pupils the knowledge, skills and practical experience they need for a successful career at the Bar, and to help make the transition from academic life to practical, real life at the Bar.  We also believe that it is important for pupils to see as much as possible of the different kinds of work in Chambers. This enables them to judge whether our work suits them, and enables different members of Chambers to assess the pupils.

Each pupil therefore normally spends time with four pupil supervisors during the year. All pupils work in their pupil supervisor's room, read their papers, attend their conferences, draft pleadings and documents, write draft opinions and accompany their pupil supervisor to Court.  However, if other members of Chambers have particularly interesting cases in Court, pupils will be encouraged to work and attend Court with them. More generally, we are a friendly set, with pupils treated very much as part of Chambers during their time with us.  They are fully involved in the activities of Chambers and are invited to all social events.

As with all Chambers, pupils are now assessed against the competences set out in the BSB’s Professional Statement for Barristers, further details of which are found (along with other materials relating to pupillage generally) on the BSB’s website at

Financial and Other Support Available

Our pupillage award for pupillage commencing in October 2024 is £75,000 per annum of which £47,500 is payable in monthly instalments in the first 6 months and £27,500 is payable in monthly instalments in the second 6 months.  Pupils can also draw down part of the award in the year prior to pupillage on request to Chambers.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

We pride ourselves on our integrity and inclusivity while providing excellent client service. We also pride ourselves on being great team players, both within Chambers and with clients.  We promote a friendly and supportive working environment in which our members can thrive.  We make no distinctions of social, educational or economic background or circumstances. We will never allow discrimination on grounds of race, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, disability, age or religion or belief; nor will we allow harassment, victimisation, bullying or an unsafe working environment. Any such conduct would be anathema to our principles of fairness. It would also be unlawful.

We are signatories of the Women in Law pledge, and have members of Chambers that sit on the Bar Council Pro Bono and Social Responsibility Committee and the Chancery Bar Association’s Equality and Diversity Sub-Committee.

We are also committed to ensuring that a career at the Bar is available to all, irrespective of background.  We participate in a wide range of schemes to enhance knowledge of the law and access to pupillage, including Bridging the Bar, 10,000 Black Interns, the Middle Temple Access to the Bar Scheme, International Lawyers for Africa, the Bar Placement Scheme, Leducate, and Step into Law and More. 

Our ED&I code is available on our website at ED&I and CSR - 4 Stone Buildings  and further information about our EDI policies and initiatives can be obtained from our EDI Committee who can be contacted by email through

How to Apply

Aspiring barristers are invited to apply to chambers between Wednesday 4 January 2023 and Wednesday 8 February 2023 using the Pupillage Gateway application system to search for the relevant Pupillage Vacancy and selecting ‘Apply for this pupillage’.

In addition to the standardised Bar Council questionnaire, candidates will be asked to respond to the following questions from Chambers:

1.Why do you believe you will make a good barrister? (Character limit 1200)

2.Why do you want to join our chambers? (Character limit 1200)

3.Please give an example of a situation, whether in a legal context or otherwise, in which you had to advocate for a position?  In your answer explain the circumstances, how you approached the argument and what you gained from the experience. (Character limit 1200)

4.If you could make one significant change to English law, whether by adding a new legal principle or statute, or by removing one, what change would you make and why? (Character limit 800)

5.How do you manage multiple competing pressures on your time/deadlines? In your answer you may like to give examples of situations in which you have faced such pressures and to explain how you dealt with them.  (Character limit 800)

Any Other Relevant Information

Pupillage applications from eligible candidates cannot be fairly processed without our seeing relevant references. It would assist us greatly if you could arrange for your referees to write to us at the same time as submitting your application. References can be submitted by email to

Additional details about 4 Stone Buildings and about pupillage can be found under the pupillage tab at

A copy of our Pupillage Policy can be found on our website at Pupillage - 4 Stone Buildings