The following content displays a map of the jobs location - South East (London base) - work may include outside of London, South East circuit primarily

Nexus, The Chambers of Michael Mansfield KC - 12 months - December 2023

Job Reference barcouncil/TP/7142/407

The job has expired.

Number of Pupillages Available:
Pupillage Type:
12 month pupillage
Pupillage details:
Pupillage Award:
Guaranteed £20,703 per annum paid in equal monthly payments of of £1,725.25.
South East (London base) - work may include outside of London, South East circuit primarily
Closing Date:
South Eastern (London)
Authorised Education and Training Organisation:
Nexus, The Chambers of Michael Mansfield QC

About AETO and Structure of Pupillage

Nexus is a common law set that offers pupillage within the main practice areas of crime, family and general civil law. Pupils can further expect to assist members of chambers with regards to inquest and regulatory work. 

Nexus' pupils can expect to shadow, assist and learn from our diverse members and their respective practice areas.  During your first six months you can expect to be under the guidance of two pupil supervisors with varying practice areas and working methods.  

Following Covid, Nexus recognises the importance of relationships between pupils and its tenants and seeks to promote the exposure every pupil has to our members in order to broaden and deepen the training provided.  

Reviews and training sessions are periodically undertaken throughout pupillage with feedback provided, in particular during the second six (practicing period) that shall include a review with the practice managers to discuss work load and client based feedback (if applicable).

Pupillage Vacancy Information

Our pupillage award consists of guaranteed earnings of £20,703 per annum, paid in equal monthly payments of £1,725.25. 

In addition to the guaranteed earnings, and in particular owing to these difficult times post covid, with a cost of living crisis and the recent Criminal Bar Strike action, Nexus operates a Hardship Fund that any member of chambers can, in confidence, apply for in order to assist them with any financial difficulty.   Each case is treated on a case by case basis.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Accessibility officer – Steven Hayden

How to Apply

For details of how to apply, please visit our website.