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3PB Barristers - 12 Month Pupillage - October 2025

Job Reference barcouncil/TP/65/702

The job has expired.

Number of Pupillages Available:
Pupillage Type:
12 month pupillage
Pupillage Award:
London / Birmingham / Bournemouth / Bristol / Oxford / Winchester
Closing Date:
Multiple Circuits
Authorised Education and Training Organisation:
3PB Barristers

Pupillage Vacancy Information


3PB is a highly regarded, multi-disciplinary, friendly and inclusive set with plenty of quality work which offers excellent prospects for excellent pupils across our six centres in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, London, Oxford, and Winchester.  

As a multi-disciplinary set, we can offer pupillages in a number of areas of law and in different ways, either focussed (if you already know what you want to do) or more general (if you are still not sure).  You have the opportunity to explore a number of areas of law if you wish and we are always happy to help and advise you.  


We are looking for six pupils.  We encourage applications from people who want to practice outside London, as well as those who want to practice in London.  We strive to recruit for excellence above all, so do not constrain our selection by location.
In an ideal world, we would recruit at least one pupil for our impressively refurbished Bristol centre, focussing on family or personal injury/clinical negligence.  

We are also looking for a public law/regulatory focussed pupil and an employment law focussed pupil, but, with the exception of Intellectual Property, all our teams are looking for pupils in 2025.  Again, we recruit for excellence first, rather than specific areas, so if you have everything we are looking for, then you have a real prospect of being selected irrespective of the area of practice in which you are interested. 

3PB Pupillage Structure

A pupillage with 3PB is unique.  You will work with 3-5 pupil supervisors over your twelve months and learn the full range of barristerial skills with targeted feedback for paperwork and advocacy.   You will visit other centres in “life swaps” with fellow pupils and have the chance to attend our unique pupil symposia.  

In addition, we provide our internal structured pupillage education programme, designed to give you that extra knowledge and edge when you get into court.  We have an excellent pastoral system to ease you through those first few difficult months, we are flexible and happy to make reasonable adjustments, and we genuinely want you to succeed.  

Financial and Other support

We offer a total pupillage award of £40,000 [£20,000 (tax free) in your First Six and guaranteed earnings of £20,000 in your Second Six] plus additional benefits valued at around £17,500, including free private healthcare for your pupillage year, and access to PerkBox, as well as excellent IT support including provision of the full Microsoft 365 suite and other software.  

We provide a wide range of online resources, a strong and supportive clerking team and excellent barristers from whom you can learn.  Detailed information about your pupillage training and other benefits can be found on our website at 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our recruitment system is as fair and transparent as we can make it and it is constantly under review.  We work to competencies and qualities and have stripped out any reliance on A Levels, which school or university you went to or who you know.  We even strip out your name for marking in the paper sift.  

Your application is marked independently by two markers.  The interviews are conducted openly and fairly, with a careful structure to ensure that everyone gets a chance to shine and show us their best.  We give feed back on all interviews.  We make reasonable adjustments when necessary.  We select for excellence and nothing else.  

And we are flexible about how how excellence can be demonstrated – it can be the traditional ways but we also look beyond to unusual backgrounds and achievements.  We think our recent recruits demonstrate beyond doubt that excellence comes in many different packages.


This year we are recruiting through the Gateway. In addition to the standardised Bar Council questionnaire, candidates will be asked to respond to the following questions from Chambers:
  1. Why do you believe you have the qualities to be a good barrister? In your answer, please identify any relevant experiences or skills that you believe may help you in your career and why. (4000 character limit)
  2. Please tell us why you want to join 3PB in particular.  Please also mention any areas of law in which you are interested and why. (4000 character limit)
  3. Please choose one judgment from the last twelve months in any area of law, give us a short precis and explain why it is important. (4000 character limit)
  4. Tell us about a mistake you have made. How did you rectify it and what did you learn? (4000 character limit)
  5. Describe an obstacle that you have had to overcome and how you dealt with it. (4000 character limit) 
  6. Tell us about a time you had difficulties with another person or group of people. What steps did you personally take to resolve the difficulties? (4000 character limit)
  7. Advocacy can take many forms. What advocacy experience do you have?  Please describe one occasion on which you believe your advocacy made a difference and why. (4000 character limit)
You will already have realised that we do not have a template for our pupils, but we do look for strong evidence of:

  • Intellectual ability, which can include achievements outside the confines of university
  • Good judgment 
  • Ability to deal with people
  • Drive and Determination
  • A commitment to the Bar and to 3PB, and an understanding of what being a barrister means.
  • Experience of public speaking, whether it be mooting, debating or other ways of presenting information. 
We take your application to us very seriously and so our process is thorough and painstaking.  

Our first-round interviews will be by Zoom on 21-23 March 2024.  Second round interviews will be held in person on 26-27 April 2024 at our London Centre.  We give assistance to all candidates for their travel costs to London.

You can see the quality and diversity of our pupils from our website and our helpful “To Pupillage & Beyond” and other webinars are available on our 3PB Pupillage Centre, together with other useful information about applying to us.   


Pupillage doesn't guarantee you a tenancy at 3PB, but we treat every pupil within Chambers as a potential candidate.  You will not be in competition with the other pupils, but with yourself.